First week of work in Kuantan (#ibmcsc)

February 19th – 22nd – That was a good week. We started getting together with our clients and we could see they were very committed and anxious for the project results. First thing we did was to ask for a meeting in order to review the SOW and align the expectations.

Based on that meeting outcome, we developed a working plan where we detailed the tasks we would be working on, the schedule, and we proposed to run a POC in order to have them testing the process by themselves while we are in Kuantan.

The main goal of the POC proposal was to make sure that our clients will be confident on running the process after we leave Kuantan. It is really important to keep in mind that the CSC volunteers are here for helping the clients with new ideas and solutions based on our expertise and not to do the job for them. Otherwise, they will be still dependents of support after we leave.

Our client approved the working plan and the idea about running a POC. With that we started the process design with weekly reviews with the client in order to ensure we were in the right path. This kind of reviews is very important in a project, mainly when considering the language barriers.

As an advice related to the language barriers for others CSC teams, always take presentations with you to be used on your client’s meeting. This will help them understand what is being discussed and committed.

Some interesting cultural facts about meetings with Malay team: does not start on time, always has food, good talks and culture exchanging!

Below some pictures from the office Zuhe and I are using during the assignment. For sure I will miss it when back home 😉




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